Clear braces


Clear fixed braces

Most people are familiar with the regular metal braces or ‘traintracks”, however there is also clear ceramic brackets available which blend in with your teeth and makes the braces look more natural.

Why clear braces?

  • Clear braces are just as effective as regular fixed braces at straightening teeth.
  • Tooth movement is relatively quick and complex movements can be easily accomplished
  • Fantastic alternative to metal braces
  • They are stain resistant

Your First Appointment

If your ready to learn more about clear braces then please visit Dr Caroline. who will give you a detailed consultation. During this consultation you can preview your future smile with the aid of the scanner and 3D software. This is an amazing tool which clearly shows the fantastic results achievable by a registered orthodontist.

Getting Started

Your braces will be fitted over one or two appointments. Dr Caroline will attach a ceramic bracket to each individual tooth which is know as a bond up. She will then attach the brackets with stainless steel archwires.

Archwires are generally secured by small elastic bands known as ligatures. They are availabel in a range of colours. Once your braces are fitted you will be taught how to keep them clean and what to look out for over the coming days and weeks.

Treatment generally takes 12-20 months. You will be given a better idea of time estimation at your consulation

Clear braces start from €3,599. Our prices include your treatment and aftercare, with no hidden surprise.

Fixed brackets can occasionally tend to irritate the  inside of your cheeks at first. This will pass relatively quickly and you can apply wax to any areas that are sore at first.