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Childrens Braces in Cork

To achieve the best results and ensure a wide range of treatment is available for your child we recommend a consultation for children between the ages of 8-10 years. Caroline is trained to assess normal and abnormal dental development so that early intervention can be undertaken straight away where necessary. If we think your child will benefit from braces when they are older we will arrange regular reviews.

Childrens braces in cork

Benefits of early treatment

Certain problems are easier to treat while children are still growing. 

  • Functional appliances can help guide the growth of your childs jaws.
  • Negative habits like thumb sucking and finger sucking can be dealt with
  • Early prevention of more severe problems.
  • If fixed braces are required at a later stage, treatment can be often less complex and much quicker 
children teeths with braces in Cork

Fixed Braces

Fixed braces are a very well known method of treating children. They are available with metal or clear brackets. They’re attached to the teeth and connected with thin metal wire. 

Fixed braced move teeth extremely quickly, precisely and efficiently. Most treatments are completed within 12-18 months. Once the treatment is finished your child will be given retainers which will ensure their perfect smile will be maintained.

Functional Appliances

Functional appliances are removable braces designed for children who are still growing. The most common type is a twin block appliance which is used effectively to correct an underdeveloped lower jaw.

What age is best for functional appliance treatment?

It is most effective around the pubertal growth spurt; 10-12 years in females and 12-14 years in males.

Research advocates for this to be used earlier in those with very prominent teeth and who are at risk of trauma.

How long does treatment last?

A functional brace is often the “first phase” of treatment to correct the jaw relationship and bite; this usually lasts from 8-12 months (depends on the degree of tooth prominence). It is often followed by a second phase of treatment with fixed braces to perfect the position and alignment of the teeth.


Teen Clear Aligners - Invisalign Teen

.Children can often be apprehensive about wearing fixed braces. They will be very excited to hear that their teeth can now also be treated using clear aligners.

Clear aligners are manufactured by a variety of brand names including Invisalign and are ideal for treating children. They consist of custom made almost invisable retainers that be me removed for eating, drinking and brushing your teeth

How do I arrange a consultation

You can contact us directly to book a consultation for you or your child. You don't need a referral from your dentist. You can call us, complete our contact form or book online.

What is the best age for consultation?

We recommend bringing your child to see us for a consultation between the ages of 8 and 10.

Can braces affect my childs speech?

Braces can occasionally affect speech and cause a lisp but this is generally a temporary situation that improves within a few days once you had time to practice.

Can children choose the colour of their braces?

Yes this is possible if your childs braces have elastic ligatures. They can choose a colour.

Are retainers included in the cost of braces?

Yes the price of treatment includes removeable retainers