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10 Modern Dental Technologies That Really Help People

1. 3D Printers

The arrival of quality 3D printers at great prices is transforming the dental landscape. Every dental and orthodontic practice will own 3D printers in the future and for the simple reason of lowered costs. Traditional high lab costing appliances such as implants, medical modelling and splints can be manufactured in house at a fraction of the price and this will mean lower costs to patients

2. Artificial Intelligence aids in diagnostics

Modern AI tools are now more consistent then dentists in diagnosing tooth decay. These software programs are training themselves using millions of data points and the results are remarkable. In orthodontics AI is being used to do remote consultations and smile simulations

3. Teledentistry

Like many other business during the initial stages of COVID-19, dental practices were forced to close. This forced a quick development in the technologies to help give patients better care and to improve connections with patients whilst not being able to see them directly.

Teledentistry – the delivery of dental consulting or basic examinations using digital tools such as synchronous or asynchronous videos

4. Intra Oral Camera

Intra oral cameras are leading the digital dentistry revolution allowing clinicians to accurately map customer in a matter of minutes. This then allows smile simulations to be done using various software packages

5. Smart Toothbrush

Smart toothbrushes are now coming on the market with an array of sensors which detect if you are brushing your teeth the correct way, if you are brushing too hard

6. Augmented Reality

Many will be familiar with augmented reality from  the use of superimpose filters on snapchat. In the dental world , companies are using it to show a persons smile post treatment via an improved photograph or smile.


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